Croda Chemicals

Croda was originally owned by Price's Patent Candle Company. In 1853, Palm oil was brought into Liverpool and so the company needed a site to use the palm oil closer to Liverpool than taking it to London by boat. The company build what is now Bromborough Pool village and opened a new factory in Bromborough. The factory opened in 1855 and the company went from having 84 staff in 1840 to a remarkable 2300.

The Bromborough site was part of the company's Uniqema acquisition in 2006. In 2008, the discontinued business had a turnover of £45.3 million and made a £2.1million operating profit, helped by favourable glycerine pricing but made a loss in the final quarter of 2008 which has worsened into 2009. Then was finally closed in late 2009

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