CSM Bakeries

CSM is the largest supplier of bakery products worldwide and is global market leader in lactic acid derivatives. CSM produces and distributes an extensive range of bakery products and ingredients for artisan and industrial bakeries and for in-store as well as out-of-home markets.
The Ward Baking Co. of New York who owned a chain of bakeries throughout the United States couldn't understand why the bread they made was different in every town. The Mellon Institute of Industrial Research was sponsored by Ward to identify the reason why. This work revealed that the mineral salt content of the local waters was causing the variation and by creating a mixture of these minerals an improvement and standardisation of the bread could be achieved. The Mellon's director of research at the time was Dr Robert Kennedy Duncan -RKD- Arkady, and so a name and product was born.

1921 - In the UK Arkady yeast food began to be manufactured in Willesden, London.

1925 - British Arkady co. moved to Old Trafford, Manchester. These original buildings housed factory, offices, laboratory and test bakery facilities for the marketing of a single product, Arkady.

1929 - Increasing business led to a doubling in size of these premises. 1955 The company extended its bakery expertise to complete mixes for institutional and industrial canteens.

1967 - British Arkady acquired a substantial interest in the Tweedy group, famous for its high-speed mixer developed for the Chorleywood Bread Process.

1972 - 1996 - British Arkady, now part of ADM expands its markets across the UK and Ireland and into 21 other countries with a broader range of products including bread mixes, cake, pudding and pastry mixes.

Around 2000 a new factory was built next to the old one then the old one closed it has stood ever since apparently due to the amount of asbestos present.

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